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The Home family game


My role: UX & UI leading , user research, information hierarchy building and tasks managing.

The Home Family (Kef Babit) is a game web app that was created during COVID-19 lockout. The idea is to allow kids to express themselves, their home and family through creativity and game.Each family creates a virtual home that can be easily decorated.Each virtual home contains riddles about the tennents.Homes can be easily shared to others through a link or by browsing the virtual neighborhood created.

The Home Family game enables social sharing of the kid's home and family and urban orientation and it is included in the Ministry of Education generation program.

The Home family game is a "keeping in touch" platform for the Coronavirus's Quarantine period
The pain is the lack of home activities that help cope with the forced physical and mental distancing from friends, family and especially grandparents.
The need  isto provide a fun, easy-to-use platform that helps us communicate with our loved ones, by providing an alternative tool that offers a non video-chat relationship.
The solution, a home building game where you can design your fantasy home and create quesstionnaries. The process will allow the entire family to bond. After, your home's been created, you can share the home product with anyone. After the recipient solves the questions, the "home story" appears. Now, they can experience the home's building and feel like part of the family. 
How does it work? The user chooses 1 home type out of 3 available options in our online neighborhood, by uploading pictures they can design it as they please. Then, the user is given the option to create a "window" for each family member, including name, picture & a personal question. The user finishes the process by designing a  "home crest," including uploading family pictures & writing their home's story. Once this step is completed, the home is sharedable and any receipient has to answer all the family members' questions. After it done, they receive the entire family's home, the family crest, pictures & the personal story that the creator-user wrote for them.


First issue was the inter-generational pain: Grandparents and grandchildren were unable to meet as they used to.
Another issue was stress and anxiety- Suddenly everyone where talking about a pandemic, tolls of life and block outs. Scary to all ages.

Grandparents best way of communication remotely is via phone calls, where 2020 kids rarely use their mobile for speaking- Let alone with grown ups.

The user journey includes picking a house template out of 3 available styles (urban, castle and rustic)
Uploading home made art to each of the house parts - roof, walls, front door etc. 
Each family member gets a window in the house- inside this window they can make a riddle about themselves
Once the home was finished, it was put in the Kef Babait virtual neighborhood where all homes created may be browsed. Additionally, each home has a unique link than can be shared with grand parents for quick access.









App Uses
Decorating the home and writing riddles allow kids to express themselves, their families and their homes. Added values to the fun in creating

a home, the app may induces social and urban exploring experiences of the environment orientation:

What is my location?

("you are located in Neve Tzedek - the first official neighborhood out side of Jaffa walls. Neve Tzedek was founded in 1887")

What is in my vicinity?

Recycling faciliites, basketball courts, "Nachum Guttman Museum, Aharon Shlush house, "Shimon Rockach house".. - Each house may be

created in the virtual neighborhood to be browsed by users with relevant decor and riddles)

What else is here? ("You may browse other interesting neighborhoods- Sahabzy, Florentin" Each of these neighborhood can be in different

pages of the app)

What else is interesting in my neighborhood? (each neighborhood may contain "Information" home with info and links about the city, notable residents in my neighborhood, etc.

Social tool for anxiety and reporting (always relevant-0 especially in COVID times)

How is my family compared to others?

("I got two dads, Hey I see a home with two dads also! Let's see their riddles

How do others look in COVID times?

("LOL, this family also uploaded a pic with the funny face mask..")

How are others handling this situation?

("Hey, this kid wrote about the most annoying thing that happened to him- Birthday got canceled because of COVID -

Just what happened to me!")

Home is not a good place right now. What do I do?

("Hey there friend, youv'e reached the home of love. We offer help to all the city kids when they feel like it. Have an issue? write it here")

This feature allows kids to send a call for help to welfare workers- and get help. This can be boosted through use of AI with relevant

distress words filter.


Who can benefit the app?


My use the app to expose kids to places and attractions in their vicinity- recycling facilities, open air gyms museums etc. The app can visualize kids: "you are here, and look at interesting locations right in front of you"


May use the app for early locating kids and families in distress and help them. kids have a difficulty in reporting inside family issues.

The gme allows a non judgmental approach.

Art therapists-

Home and family are powerful therapy issues. Kef Babait uses pics and art as a part of the game. These pics may offer therapists a different and new approach in helping their patients- especially kids that need extra motivation in sessions. Each patient may receive a separate secret neighborhood for his homes. this neighborhood can be a reflective element- where patient and therapist can browse homes created through the year and gather insights