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My role: Product goals targeting , user research, results and conclusions mapping, information hierarchy building and future work plan writing according to goals.

GeorgiaIL is a travel consultancy designed for the Israeli market, founded by Coral Kratenstein.


GeorgiaIL encourages Israeli tourism to Georgia by making destination information accessible and convenient while empowering the primary goal of providing a unique and unforgettable experience tailored to the customer's needs.

"" tourism company site 
The goal was to raise the traffic in the site that was new at this point, to have more clients to plan a route for & provide guidebooks to.
The need is is to analyze the goals and  optimizing the flow and the information hierarchy.
The solution we chose is t a thorough UX process and rebuilding of their site.
The User Experience and Useability Test building Process

Stage 1 – introduction and goals mapping
• Website virtual tour
• defining and ranking key objectives, based on the importance
• Setting expectations


Stage 2 – creating an interview screener and useability test
• Defining demographics, such as age, marital status, place of residence, areas of interest, financial background, religion, and more
• Designing a questionnaire that is focusing on user flow faults detection and encouraging users to make recommendations


Stage 3 - conducting interviews and data collection
• All interviews were led by me, while the client was helping with notes taking
• The tests raised a large number of questions about how to display the content on the site, as well as problems that prevent the user                             from understanding the site's flow


Stage 4 - analyzing qualitative data and deriving key insights in order to meet the client's objectives.
Analyzing the results and concentrated on one long and detailed document that includes all the things that emerged from the tests, for good or bad. 
• Final meeting with the client in order to prioritize key insights
• Finalizing practical tasks


Stage 5 – implementation

Main Results and conclusions of usability tests:

Trip itinerary planning page

1. There is a problem in understanding how the meeting is conducting (over the phone/ Online/ In-person meeting).

2. Add "next steps" section (whether to make the booking online or explain what are the steps)

3. Sharing an explanatory video about the process (increase credibility).


"Suppliers' boutique" page

1. Add more details about each property (prices, target audience, photos, location, what's nearby, reviews, rating, video, transportation, map)

2. Latest reviews by Israelis

3. Consider changing the title 'Recommendations' and using only in the top menu and the middle of the site.

4. Replace the main photo with a photo that helps to understand the page content

5. Add hyperlinks to property sites (clickable images).


Book page

1. Enlarge and re-prioritize surfer photos. Consider adding a title.

2. Highlight the option to choose to order book highlights

3. On the main banner, switch between image and text (perhaps an image that is scrolled; more clickable areas)


General conclusions

1. Create more content that is suitable to a different audience, for example, the religious traveler

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