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Real Manager


My role: Renewal of existing screens and upgrading the flow of the flow. 


Official mobile "football manager game" application of the Israeli league. Real Manager is giving you the experience of feeling of managing a

real-life team in a given budget.
The fantasy game makes it possible to build the user's virtual dream team, train it and prove to everyone that he is capable of leading a football

team and reaching achievements in front of friends and other people from all over the world.
The game is based on real football events. Each week the users build a team with 14-16 most promising players, and accumulate points according to their actual achievements in order to reach the first places in the league.

Official mobile "football managing game" application of the Israeli league
The pain is the complicated look and the uncomfortable usability of the "player page" and its sections.
The need is to build an info hierarchy and a cleaner design, to avoid misunderstandings & to raise the use of those sections.
What did I do? I was asked to take the most central screens and re-characterize them in terms of user experience. My goal is to design these screens in a way that will serve the app and allow users a better, more pleasant and correct flow. Encouraging users to play the app needs support from the interface itself by an attractive and interesting structure.
The solution, The solution, a completely new design based on comparing the level of use and desired usage goals and other applications that have similar processes. Upgrading the design line and micro-copi, characterizing the texts, so it will be leading the user to do what he needs and encouraging him or her to be more active in the features that are important to the company.
First screen- Action Page

1. More convenient navigation by arrows, "tabs" and "swipes".

2. Actions away from the thumb according to frequency of use and the criticality of the tap result. In addition, these are actions that are not done            every week so the buttons are displayed at a distance that requires some effort and allows a second of thought to prevent mistakes.

3. A cleaner, inviting look and most of all accessible to all the actions offered to the user.

4. There is no need for a changing button to move a player between the lineup and the bench, just a button that changes accordingly and

    clears another button. Uniform wording as an action ("Move to bench") similar to the other options in the same category of actions.

5. Change the wording to "Fixture points" to avoid confusion and ensure understanding of the parameter.

6. Add icons to actions that can be performed on this page.

Second screen- Training Page

1. It was not clear what "+60" is, "+1" vs. "+60" sounds immaterial and does not motivate to perform the action. In addition, worded in plural

    and again does not show the quality of the training and its value per gate or individual cooking. It can speak individually, "+1 points per gate",          the user will complete the sentence on his own and thus understand what his value and purpose is, I omitted the "+60", the difference between 1

    and 60 sounds a lot and does not encourage into activity.

2. I changed the training process into "V" till the maximum number of points, more attractive to perform, shows where you can go, it is clear

    where you are and what the goal is, to turn all the hexagons green (A hexagon is the symbol of the company). There are no "Start Training"                buttons and it may be considered a short, directed title that helps with use.

3. There is no need to scroll, again, clean look, there is enough space for all the information if it is arranged correctly and in order of importance.

    Not much changes compared to the screen of the "actions" and it is clear what the page offers.

Third screen- Statistics Page

1.Renaming to plural like the other options in the category. Corrections of terms to simplify, "performance" instead of quantity, because it is

   impossible to play 60 minutes more than once in one game for example.

2. No need for explanations below about calculating a full vs. partial performance, I chose to write "over 59 minutes" and "less than 59 minutes".

    It is very simple and understandable, an unambiguous numerical measure.

3. I cleaned the page a lot to avoid information overload and also narrowed it down so that it would not scroll. Magnification and spacing can

    be considered with scrolling, the value of which is that it can be compared more easily.

4. I separated the current fixture and the option to go through fixtures from "all season" that would be understandable and clear and changed to

    a sentence that clarifies the meaning, especially in "My Team" vs. the "Premier League".

5. Filtering between performance in my team vs. the all Premier League will be done according to the top tabs.